French teaching in Malaysia

  • Introduction

    Linguistic co-operation: French as a foreign language
    Cultural and linguistic diversity are very much the main topic in both Malaysian and French policies. Therefore, it is no wonder that the learning of French is (...)

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  • Educational establishments

    The French Embassy strongly supports the policy of the Government of Malaysia in its aim to widely increase the number of pupils attending French courses.
    French in Secondary Schools
    In 2003, there were 29 (...)

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  • Alliances Françaises

    The Alliance française is a non profit making Malaysian Society. It aims to promote the French language, arts and culture in Malaysia, to foster a closer relationship and promote a greater understanding between the (...)

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  • AMPF : The Malaysian French Teachers Association

    The Malaysian French Teachers Association (AMPF) is a member of the FIPF (International Federation of the French Teachers)
    60 teachers, comprising of Malaysian as well as French and other nationals, are members of (...)

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  • Teaching ressources

    The Cultural, Scientific and Cooperation Department of the French Embassy in Malaysia offers teachers of the French Language a variety of teaching materials.
    These include a wide choice of teaching methods (all (...)

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